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Sometimes a snatch of conversation captures your imagination and makes you realise you’re not alone in how you feel. Last week it was on a bus when a passenger said to another: “but then there’s no such thing as edit/undo when it comes to asses”. This week it was musician John Grant’s insightful musings on overcoming your demons that caught my ear.

I can’t profess to be a John Grant fan (yet) but his heartfelt sentiments about coping with fear of the unknown and improving your situation will resonate with any fledgling freelancer or unfulfilled salary slave using their face as a mousemat.

“…the distances from where you are now to there are not as far as you think they are, ever. And the process is also quite good as well – of doing that.”

Listen to John Grant’s Three Minute Epiphany about overcoming your demons on BBC 6 Music.

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