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It doesn’t make you a bad person to make your personal projects a higher priority than a client’s. You’d do the same re-prioritising between competing client projects wouldn’t you – so why are your own projects any different?

In fact juggling projects around so that your projects get their fair share of being top priority makes you a better person. Because you make a commitment to sharpen your skills and get better at what you do. And that benefits both you and your clients. The ‘Personal projects‘ chapter of The Human Freelancer book has more about this sort of thing.

The Human Freelancer book

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Self-help business books perpetuate the myth that success is relentless growth and more of everything means progress. They preach about bookkeeping and market research: things you might need to do of course. But let’s face it they’re fucking boring.

The Human Freelancer book is your antidote: stuffed full of emotional support and insightful advice for vulnerable newbies to self-employment like you.

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