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They say never talk religion or politics at the dinner table, well fuck it. There’s a black cloud hanging over the UK and it’s barely breakfast time in this new era of Conservatism.

You don’t need to be Nick ‘throaty cueball’ Robinson to work out where I stand on politics. I’m lefter than Karl Marx eating tofu at an independently-run, vegetarian co-op cafe.

Superficially, the human freelancer ideology shares a common principle with Conservatism – that enterprising individuals should be able to improve their situation using their talents. Yet that’s where the similarities end when we come to the distribution of wealth.

The system is broken

It comes down to the accumulation of wealth, mythical trickle down economics, and the inherent evils of greed and selfishness. On May 7th misguided people voted thinking they would protect themselves and the wealth they’ve accumulated, sentencing those without to a life under aggressive austerity and yet more deprivation.

I was brought up under Thatcher’s government, and I remember us sending food parcels to our family in south Yorkshire during the miner’s strikes. I know what extremes of inequality and demonising people less fortunate or different in appearance does to a society.

It tears us apart.

That’s why I voted Green

They’re the only party whose manifesto isn’t dominated by policies on wealth. Instead their policies focus on making society fairer and less poisonous, both to one another and the environment. No one wants a totally equal, homogeneous society, that’d be terribly dull. I just want it to be fairer.

So I’ll continue to be the change I want to see too. That means earning just enough and living comfortably within my means. I aspire to a society were we recognise that growth and more of everything doesn’t mean success. Smaller is beautiful and big should be big enough, no larger than what’s sustainable.

37% of a 66% turnout isn’t a mandate to rule a country in any sane democracy. And for votes to be ignored just because they number only slightly less than a ‘winning’ party is a mockery of fair representation. I think even my sharp-toothed UKIP compatriots would agree with that.

You may argue that my green vote was a wasted vote but I voted with a clear conscience last week, and that’s what matters to a decent human freelancer: act responsibly, don’t be an arsehole and do the right thing.

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