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Life’s littered with cunts. Especially ones who make you feel like you’re not good enough for something. We try not to listen to them at the time, but any steady drip feed of negativity is sure to erode your resolve over time.

What brought on this refreshing rant, Chris?

Well, today I realised that three of my major career junctures, and consequent decisions, have largely been informed by private fuck-you moments.

Like the time I was told I couldn’t go into computers because I was shit at maths (true but I got a degree). Or when I was turned down for a content manager job because of my inexperience (again, true but now I’m a freelance copywriter and editor).

These right-minded tosspots probably meant well but they had their own agendas. Targets to meet, dreams to shatter.

So fuck ‘em. What do they know about what’s best for you?

If you’re considering freelancing I guarantee you’ll hear a lot of “oh you’re brave!” and “it’s a bit risky” (juncture number 3). Again, these knob-tattlers are on the right lines but they’ve got agendas too. Usually a mortal fear of defaulting on a remortgage that built the kitchen extension which houses their hateful little brat children.

So use their dissuasion to fuel your determination. Make it work. Be obstinate and contrary. Deliberately do what they tell you you shouldn’t or can’t.

Because there’s something within us humans that thrives in the face of adversity. Use it to your advantage.

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