The Human Freelancer

Happy and honest self-employment for conscientious newcomers

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Struggling to work out what you can offer the world as a freelancer? Try these for size.

Think back to when you last had a job. What is it that you’d rather be doing? Constructive stuff (not scratching your twat while you watch telly). I mean active things – hobbies, activities. What did you imagine yourself tinkering with while you were pretending to do that job you hated?

Helpful? No? Then perhaps try this.

What did you enjoy doing as a kid? Maybe ask your folks. What couldn’t you put down, where did you moan and moan until they took you again?

I’m not suggesting you should go into professional finger painting, just stop back a moment and look at what skills and inclinations those enjoyable activities awakened in you.

Now think about them from a client’s point of view. How can those skills help people run their businesses? What sectors have a dearth of those skills? How can you translate them into a context that people will understand and benefit from? Usually a commercial one, like selling more shit.

Still not helpful?

Well, what do you stand for? What do you believe in? How would you like to leave a grubby stain on the crotch of humanity?

If you don’t know the answer to those last ones then I’m afraid you’re fucked. What are you even doing here?

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Self-help business books perpetuate the myth that success is relentless growth and more of everything means progress. They preach about bookkeeping and market research: things you might need to do of course. But let’s face it they’re fucking boring.

The Human Freelancer book is your antidote: stuffed full of emotional support and insightful advice for vulnerable newbies to self-employment like you.

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