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Even more so than the timeless ‘how much should I charge?’ and classic ‘how do I find work?’, ‘where do I start’ has to be the question most frequently thrown my way when I do talks and panel Q&As for students about being a self-employed freelancer.

It’s a noble question. Yet one without a proper answer. Because there’s no right way to radically transform your lifestyle into one that best suits you and your talents – that’s what freelancing is, after all.

In fact the only right way is your own way, and that hasn’t happened. Yet. And you only know what that is (or was), once you’ve been through it.

What the fuck is this useless collection of philosophical statements to me, Chris? You may well ask.

Well, my experience was a series of well-intentioned, often misguided, choices, mistakes, chance encounters and copious amounts of reflection. A conversation in a canteen, here. A spurious appearance on a search engine, there.

See what I mean? This isn’t even useful advice. It’s just a collection of personal experiences. Random stories in the evolution of my career.

So by all means, seek out stories from people who’ve been there, but don’t expect (or trust) any magic formula or sequence of steps you can apply to your own journey.

Just be ready for change and open to new possibilities. Listen, take inspiration but follow your intuition, be honest and fuck everyone else.

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