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In a timely diversion from perpetual state-sanctioned dismemberment in the Middle East, it seems that 4.5 million people in the UK now enjoy the benefits of relentless masturbation and a short commute to the fridge, by choosing self-employment over salary slavery. We’re even ahead of our progressive northern European cousins, which makes a refreshing change given that they’re normally first for this type of liberal behaviour.

I couldn’t deduce what proportion of the stats were about freelancers because of my fatal allergy to anything a bit mathsy but on the whole this is positive news. It means more people are free to pursue their dreams and forge an honest living from their talents. On the other hand it could just be another devious ruse by corporate Britain to enslave the drone army by making them work full-time in the same place, albeit with fewer employment rights.

Whether you take this as good or bad news it’s a bit like finding shit on your bedsheets: either you’ve found a forgotten souvenir of rampant sexual deviance or you’ve not wiped your arse properly. It’s up to you what you make of your opportunities.


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