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A few unfortunate friends lost their jobs recently, thanks to their employers taking a greedy squint at their shrinking profit margins and deciding the only humane way to deal with the problem is to label people as superfluous and not useful.

So they’re a little upset by this sudden revelation, understandably, given many years service and the 40-odd hours they’ve sacrificed lining their employer’s pockets every week.

Yet my friends are sad for all the wrong reasons.

Like most people, fear of the unknown and uncertainty about their livelihoods are what plague their minds right now. I know what it feels like to arrive at work only to be told there isn’t a job for you anymore. It happened to me twice in the past (although the reason for my redundancy had nothing to do with a toilet lid).

The truly sad thing about redundancy isn’t loss of job security and income. Nor is it the cruelty of being suddenly severed from a community of people through no fault of your own. It’s sad because honest people find themselves in vulnerable positions where their future is being decided by someone whose priority isn’t their fulfilment, happiness and wellbeing.

For now, within the confines of the system we live in, there’s a  more positive way* to approach the injustice of redundancy.

Far from being a time of fear and anxiety, it can also be a period of opportunity. You can seize this freedom to control your own destiny, liberated from the shackles of job you only ever moaned about anyway. Especially every Monday.

In the long run, good things do come of redundancy. It just feels wank in the short-term because someone’s judged you as surplus to requirements.

So prove them wrong and work for the best, most loyal employer in the world: yourself.

*I accept that my outlook is precluded by living within your means and free of excessive debt. Also, that you have an ounce of talent and the urge (and ability) to improve your condition. Sadly, this seems increasingly unlikely with horrible toffs waging class warfare on the most unfortunate people in society.

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