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Clients don’t mark the way you do things. Nor will they give your work a grade. In fact they don’t always share their feedback.

The same thing applies to your body of work – your portfolio. It’s not right or wrong, good or bad. It’s just another body of work. Asking people for their verdict won’t really get you anywhere.

In the cold world of commerce, quality is sadly somewhat of an irrelevance.

What we’ve got here is ‘assessment mentality’ – cabin fever from 18+ years of education. A hangover from institutionalisation. You do something, then expect timely appraisal from some expert authority, usually a tutor or lecturer.

The real-world doesn’t work like this

There’s no right or wrong way to do things and no one person can tell you the right answer to anything. Life is a massive grey area. You can ask peoples opinions (in fact I recommend that in the chapter ‘Get your sanity checked‘) but asking them for a score, or expecting definitive answers about what the right way to do something is – expect blank faces.

When you freelance, a healthier way to get what you’re looking for is to consider whether you’ve addressed an underlying problem for your client. Have you changed the situation? Or more likely, does this render one shit storm impotent so everyone can move onto the next one?

An even healthier way to approach all this is to be so self-assured in the quality of what you put into your work, that assessment doesn’t really matter.
Know that you always do a decent and honest job, care about your art and feel yourself growing with every job.

They should teach that at university.

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