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In the spirit of The Human Freelancer book‘s mission to inspire and offend readers in disproportionate measure, its illustrator Gary Clap has penned a special edition of his charming Yummy Fish comic strip.

We’re already in discussions with top Western warmongers for a tactical airdrop of the book into their latest puppet-states, as a hilarious diversion for all those angry men who daren’t ask their dads for a hug.

Comic strip by Yummy Fish

Gary’s comic strip is a first for the Human Freelancer: it’s our first image here on the blog as well as commemorating the launch of our first book. And with a bit of luck it’ll also attract our first fatwa.

The Human Freelancer book

LOOK! There's a book full of this shit and more!

Self-help business books perpetuate the myth that success is relentless growth and more of everything means progress. They preach about bookkeeping and market research: things you might need to do of course. But let’s face it they’re fucking boring.

The Human Freelancer book is your antidote: stuffed full of emotional support and insightful advice for vulnerable newbies to self-employment like you.

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