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I know what it’s like to be rich. And I can tell you now it’s a bit shit and it doesn’t make you happy.

That’s true of any extreme.

Technically, I was rich in my former life as a corporate drone too. My salary was more than I really needed, but I was excessively rich in misery.

I was truly at my richest when I was freelancing – about four years in, to be specific. And nor was I happy then.

Here’s why. I was getting by comfortably with work tapered to a minimum and I wasn’t courting any extra. I’ve plenty of hobbies, errands and productive things I like to do in my spare time, but I was doing them all on my own.

That’s right, you heard me – at the extremities of human freelancing, it’s lonely. Especially when most of society, including all your friends, are engaged in the rat race.

Excess is the root of unhappiness. Including being rich in time, when you’ve no one to spend it with.

All about healthy balance. Compromise. I’d prefer not to work four days in the week but these days I do, because it’s far less isolating and accommodates conventional working patterns that most of my clients (and so too Western economies) live by.

One to watch out for anyway. Being rich to excess in any good thing is a sure route to unhappiness.

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