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A friend made an excellent point recently that deserves some typically half-arsed exploration. It was that freelancing gives you an excellent sense of what should happen next, a bit like a life barometer.

The barometer makes a passable analogy because you continually monitor conditions, like what you’re capable of and what you need more (or less of) in your life. Granted, you get it wrong and very occasionally get caught in the downpour of the odd misjudged project. But more often than that your barometer, recalibrated by past experiences, helps you correctly predict which new ones will be most beneficial for refining your skills and learning new stuff.

Freelancers use their life barometers to pick and choose which projects they take on, from a range of challenges far more diverse than the ones bosses coerce you into, chained to the same desk for sixty years. And because there’s no such thing as work/life balance that same barometer also ensures that other priorities in your life get sufficient attention, like happiness or the bean.

Life’s about getting what you want out of it; and freelancing helps you do that, responsibly, using your talents and intuition to find a place in the world and craft an honest living for yourself.

Maths, however, is not one of my talents, which is why the formula in the title is complete bollocks.

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