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With daily pressure to be the best at what you do, stay on top of latest developments and keep your edge, it’s easy to forget one very simple fact that’ll always keep you in work.

It’s that your basic knowledge and experience in your area of expertise is probably more than most schmucks will ever have in their lifetime.

Remember that next time you feel intimidated by the competition, or worry you’re losing your touch.

Imagine you work in IT. Over the last 10 years we’ve leapt from sweaty server rooms to cloud computing. With that comes new languages and techniques for managing infrastructure. That means extra pressure to learn and adapt, while the sands of technology shift beneath your feet.

Yet any decent IT pro will know how the basics of how computers process data, how it’s transmitted over networks and best practice for making that happen securely. Compared to changing trends, that sort of basic knowledge is timeless.

It also surpasses most people’s understanding. Many can’t even get past the idea of things happening ‘in the cloud’.

So your grasp of the fundamentals, whether it’s holding a pencil or exposing a photo correctly, will always be deeply impressive, reassuring and valuable to your clients.

Principles are enduring.

Learn, adapt and strive to be the best, but do so with peace of mind that you’ve got solid foundations to build on.

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