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A valid question. And one you may well ask yourself whilst supplying special creative skills to paying clients. In fact the similarities are so superficial and obvious, that it’s worth drawing parallels just for the sake of a throwaway blog post.

  • As a freelancer you’ll do stuff for (to) anyone and everyone, usually at short-notice
  • In your formative years especially, you often set aside what scant morals you hold in order to make ends meet
  • Then, after services are rendered for your clients, you may even find yourself with a black eye, cursing the fuckers when they don’t pay.

If you’ve got a recreational crack habit and know a few bum tricks, the resemblance is all but complete.

So, plenty of scope for feeling a bit grubby and used when you’re a freelancer. But can you do anything to mitigate all this?

Well, you could take a values-based approach once the early days are out of the way. I’d say do it from day one but that’s not always practical. Once you’re making just enough though, your sustainable income – then it’s time to pick and choose who you want to work with based on your principles.

This is about where I am now. And yes, I’ve smoked a fair amount of pole and filleted the odd haddock pasty in my time. I’m not proud of every client I’ve worked for, but those jobs hastened me in the right direction and made me the freelancer I am today (crack-free since 2012*).

Superficial comparisons aside, unlike the poor unfortunate folk forced into punting their griffins you have a choice. Remember. You can always get out of the game. So let’s put this into perspective.

*I don’t really smoke crack, pole or pasty.

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